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Benefits of a Single Ply Membrane

Single Ply Membrane

A Single Ply Membrane Represents an Excellent Choice for a Commercial Roof.

Business owners who install single ply membranes usually recognize the broad range of benefits they will receive. A single ply membrane represents an excellent solution for commercial roofing needs. At Pearson Roofing, we offer full services across a range of single ply materials. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages these remarkable materials can bring.

Environmental Resistance

Many commercial structures exist in harsh industrial areas. Airborne chemicals can steadily break down a roof’s resistance, while acid rain can spell doom for many standard roofing materials. Single ply membranes offer excellent resistance to these environmental factors. If you live in an area with extreme weather shifts, then your single ply roof can also adapt to these fluctuations. Resistance to these environmental factors allows a single ply membrane to provide decades of effective protection for a commercial structure.

Variety of Choices

Single ply membranes come in a variety of types and grades. Whatever your roofing need or preference, you can find a single ply membrane that will work wonders. TPO, PVC, and EPDM are each single ply materials that we specialize in. Whether you want durability from environmental factors like hailstorms, heightened reflectivity, or simple longevity, you can find the right combination of advantageous qualities in one of these systems.

Pearson Roofing represents your local answer for a single ply membrane in , TX. To learn more about work or schedule service, simply give us a call today at __PHONE__. With our expert efforts, we can maximize the value of your roofing investment. 

Considerations for Your Roof Purchase

New Roof ChoicesWhen it’s time to replace your roof, the decisions can seem just about endless. From what material to use to how to install it properly, there are multiple choices for you to make. Having an idea of what you’re looking for before you start looking can help not only relieve stress but can help ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.


Of course, the ultimate decider in your new roof purchase is how much you want to spend. Will your insurance company be picking up the charges? Will you be paying out of pocket? Roofing systems vary greatly in price and should be considered carefully.


Each type of roofing material provides a specific set of benefits which could include weather resistance, energy efficiency, debris protection, and even mold and mildew resistance. It’s a good idea to know which benefits will benefit you most and which types of roofing systems have the benefits you’re looking for.


What does your schedule look like? Do you have time for regular roof maintenance? Materials such as wood shakes and ceramic tile may need more maintenance than you can complete. If your time already runs thin, a low maintenance roofing system such as metal or shingles may be your best option. Carefully consider the amount of time you are willing to spend on your roofing system before selecting your material, or you may end up with more than you can comfortably handle.

Replacing your roof doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful. In fact, our team can help make it fun and exciting. When you have questions about your new roof system or need an installation, call the experts of Pearson Roofing at 972-471-2700.

Solutions for Standing Water on a Roof

Standing Water

Any Flat Roof Can Have Problems With Standing Water. Call Our Team for Service.

The design of flat roofs encourages the entrapment of water into standing pools. In fact, most flat roofs do not completely drain, and instead rely on the sun to dry standing water. However, if you notice pools deeper than an inch that refuse to drain, then you have a problem. Try these solutions for standing water. If none of them work, call Pearson Roofing, Inc. for impeccable service in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Check Your Gutters

A leading cause of standing water on a roof occurs through clogged gutters. If you have noticed persistent pools, check the gutters for clogs and debris. For comprehensive cleaning of gutters, you should use a power-washer, or call for the services of a talented roofer.

Solar Pumps

AS a temporary option, you can’t beat a solar-powered pump. These devices will remove standing water from your roof. Unfortunately, they cannot impact the root cause of the issue, and provide only a temporary solution.

Check Leaking Fixtures

If you suspect that rainfall does not represent the total problem, then you should check for any leaking roof fixtures. These elements can compound a problem with standing water through their own leaks. Any coolers, AC units, or drain lines should receive the benefit of your review.

For the service of leaking fixtures, or for long-term solutions for standing pools in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, call the experts at Pearson Roofing, Inc. at __PHONE__. We can provide permanent, elegant solutions for any roofing problem you may have.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters Out

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters Out

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters Out

While it is an important task that can keep your roof protected, cleaning out our roofs gutters tend to be a low priority. Although it is easy to forget about, there are many ways clean gutters can protect your roof and home. So what is the importance of cleaning your gutters? Below are a few beneficial reasons.

Keeps Insects and Animals Away

When our gutters are filled with leaves or other debris, it makes a great nest for pests and animals like mosquitoes, termites, squirrels, and birds. Having clean gutters will ensure your gutters aren’t full of insects and animals that can destroy your roof and home.

Protects Your Home’s Foundation

It might not seem like our gutters could protect our foundation, but that is one of its primary functions. It keeps water away from your foundation so that it doesn’t become cracked.

Ensures Your Landscaping Looks Good

When the gutters are damaged, it can cause damage to a lot of other areas besides our roofs. With continuous rainwater spilling over on the ground, it can cause puddling, which can damage grass by overwatering.

Prevents Roof Leaks

The importance of cleaning your gutters has a lot to do with preventing leaks. When gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, it can cause water to overflow in the gutters, which will then overflow onto the roof. With the weight of the water on the roof, it can cause leaks.

Ensure Your Gutters Aren’t Sagging

If your gutters are sagging or pulling away from the edge of the roof, they won’t be able to do their job properly. Cleaning them out will avoid this problem and keep them in excellent shape.

If you need gutter replacement and repair in the DFW area, call Pearson Roofing today at 972-471-2700.

Schedule a Siding Repair

If you notice buckling, peeling, cracking or mold on your siding, it’s time for siding repair in Dallas, TX. In the region, extreme heat and moist air alone can be responsible for siding and roof damage. Insects can also play a factor in siding damage.

Do You Need A Siding Repair In Dallas, TX?

Siding works much like a rooftop for a home, except it’s job is to protect the home from the sides rather than from above. Householders save money on energy expenses with a good siding job. They can decrease interior damage with regular maintenance.

Moist wallpaper or peeling paint inside the home is an indicator of siding problems. Rainwater from storms and moisture from Dallas humidity seep through the interior wooden structures of the home. If this happens, call a siding repair specialist for at least an estimate. Damage could have affected other parts of the house.

Siding Repair in Dallas, TX

Protect your home with a good siding repair.

Mold and buckling result from temperatures and moisture levels or improper installation. Vinyl siding, particularly needs room to expand and contract with temperature change. Improper installation restricts siding movement. When Moisture gets trapped due to buckling and trapped moisture, mold will begin to grow around the exterior of the home.

Contact Us

Landlords should be on the lookout for excess moisture and check for signs of siding failure when they perform maintenance on the home. Always call an expert for siding repair in Dallas, TX. Visit our website or call us today at 972-471-2700 to schedule a repair.

Benefits of Foam Roofing for Your Commercial Roof

Benefits of Foam Roofing for Your Commercial Roof

There Are Many Benefits of Foam Roofing For Commercial Roofs.

One of the most popular roofing materials for commercials roofs is foam roofing. While there are a number of commercial roofing materials to choose from, foam roofing is able to give your building serious protection in the case of severe weather, which is important when you live in Texas. While that is a great benefit, there are other advantages to choosing a foam roof. Here are some benefits of foam roofing for your commercial roof.

Waterproofing Qualities

Because one of the big benefits of foam roofing is it’s ability to provide serious protection, it is also important to note that it has some great waterproofing qualities. The foam material does not soak up any water, making it an ideal roofing choice.

Great Insulation

Insulation is important when you want to save on energy bills and foam roofing has wonderful insulation. Because of the aluminum that is in foam roofing, it reflects the sun away from the roof.


One of the great benefits of foam roofing is that it has no seams. The material can bond around pipes and vents, which creates an inaccessible area for water to get through.

Easy Installation

Foam roofing is one of the easiest roofing materials to apply. It can be added to existing roofs or used for new roofs. It also is wonderful because it can be placed on any type of roof without it looking weird.

If you are interested in foam roofing for your Plano, TX commercial roof, call Pearson Roofing today at 972-471-2700.

When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

roof replacement

Unsure If You Need a Roof Replacement? There Are a Few Tell-Tale Signs.

Our roof is what keeps us sheltered from the weather and other outside elements. It’s important that it’s always in good condition in order to stay safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, roofs do have a lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. But what are signs to determine when it’s time for a roof replacement? Below are a few warning signs for when to get a roof replacement for your home.

Age of Your Roof

As stated before, a residential roof has a lifespan. Roof lifespans vary from roofing materials, but generally, a typical roof will last about 20-25 years. If your roof is pushing 20, it might be time for a roof replacement.

Shingle Problems

Our shingles are the layer that keeps our roof protected, but there are a few things that can go wrong with shingles that are a good indicator that a roof replacement is needed. Are your shingles cracked, curling, or buckling? These are signs that your roof is past it’s prime.

Flashing Is Damaged

The flashing is used to cover angles or corners on your roof, like a chimney, You can use tar, cement, or even steel to cover those areas. If they become worn, then it might be time to get your roof replaced.

Rot On the Roof

Moisture that stays on the roof can cause your roof to rot, which will then make it droop and sag. You will want to get the roof replaced before the damage becomes too severe.

Need re-roofing services in the DFW metroplex? Call the experts at Pearson Roofing at 972-471-2700 today!

Signs of Storm Damage on Your Roof

Spring storm season is fully underway, and it’s important to make sure your roof is prepared. Whether your roof is 20 years old or brand new, you should thoroughly inspect it for damage after a severe storm to catch and prevent leaks and other issues. Watch for these common signs of storm damage on your roof.

Debris on the Ground

Storm Damage House

Check your Roof after a Storm to Catch Leaks and Storm Damage

Did your car sustain hail damage in the storm? Have high winds blown over fences or knocked down tree limbs? When you see signs of damage on the ground and around your property, there is a higher chance that you will have damage on your roof. Because your roof is higher and covers a larger surface area that most of your property, it is more susceptible to wind and hail damage. When you see debris or damage on the ground, consider a thorough inspection on your roof.

Missing or Peeling Shingles

If your roof has sustained severe damage, you can often see it from the ground. Look for debris on your roof, missing or peeling shingles, broken tiles, dented or sagging gutters, and other problems. Be sure to wait until the storm has completely cleared and there is no lightning before climbing onto your roof. If your roof has been seriously damaged, be extremely cautious if you walk on the roof or you could risk further damage or collapse. If this is the case, call a professional right away.

Hail Damage

Hail can do serious damage to your home, leaving behind small dents to punching holes in your roof. The extent of the damage depends on the size of the hail, wind speed, and the condition and material of your roof. When checking for hail damage, look for bald or shiny spots on asphalt shingles where the granule coating has been knocked loose. Sometimes you will find large amounts of these granules in your gutters or on the ground around your home.

If your roof has storm damage and needs repair, call the experienced contractors at Pearson Roofing at 972-471-2700. We provide wind, hail, and other storm damage repair in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX!

When to Replace Your Gutters

Although most gutters on the market are built to last for many years, they eventually need repair or replacement. Not only can damaged gutters make your home look unsightly, they can lead to water damage and foundation problems. Follow these tips to learn when to replace your gutters.

Rust, Cracks, Holes

replace your guttersA sure sign that it’s time to replace your gutters is rusted or cracked gutters. Depending on what material your gutters are made of, you will see different types of damage. Galvanized steel gutters will rust over time, while vinyl will become brittle and crack. Higher-end gutters such as copper and zinc do not suffer from these types of damage and can last a lifetime!

Sagging or Separation

Many poorly installed or older gutters will begin to sag or pull away from your roof. This is usually a simple repair job of replacing the fasteners. However, if your gutters are attached to a rotting fascia board, the fascia will need to be replaced as well. In other cases, your gutters will separate or begin to leak at the seams and joints. These areas are most susceptible to wear and damage, and can cause serious erosion problems.

Aesthetic Damage

Are your gutters dented up from the last hail storm? Is paint peeling and chipping away? No one wants their house to look like it is in disrepair, and serious aesthetic damage may require gutter replacement. Keeping your gutter clean and free from debris can help them last longer and look better, so don’t forget your seasonal maintenance!

When to replace your gutters may be an aesthetic choice or a preventative one. If you have damaged, leaky gutters that need repair or replacement, call Pearson Roofing today at 972-471-2700. We provide all types of gutter repair and replacement in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area.

How to Choose the Best Roofer?

best rooferYour roofing system is one of the most important investments that you will ever possess. So it’s only right that you find the best roofer in Flower Mound, TX or surrounding areas. But then the question arises: How do I know which is the best roofer for me? You’re in the right place! The pros at Pearson Roofing are here to give you tips and tricks on finding the best roofer to suit your needs.

  • Get Referrals: One of the best methods to go by finding a reliable roofer is word of mouth. Try asking your neighbors, friends, or relatives in the area. That way, you’ll be able to get direct and honest feedback about that particular company.
  • Look into the BBB: There are some companies, that we in the roofing industry refer to as “storm chasers”. Once a storm passes, they go door to door  To check the legitimacy of the company, the best resource to use is Better Business Bureau.
  • Manufacturer Designations: When a roofing company has these displayed, it’s considered a badge of honor. There are certain requirements that the company needs to meet before they are able to display these badges. Manufacturers such as GAF or CertainTeed have officially certified those companies and adds to the credibility.

Although we’re confident in being the absolute best roofing company in town, our team understands that it is important for you to shop around to find the best fit. But if you still find yourself with unanswered questions about how to find the best roofer in Flower Mound, TX just for your home or business, simply call 972-471-2700. The experts at Pearson Roofing is here to help you in any way that we can.