EPDM Roofing

a roofer laying epdm single ply roofingCould your roof use a little more protection against the North Texas weather? We install EPDM roofing in Plano, Frisco, and nearby areas. If your business has a flat or low-sloping roof, it could be a good candidate for weatherproof EPDM roofing. We will happily answer any questions you have about thermoset roofing membranes like EPDM. Just give us a call at 972-471-2700.

Waterproof Roofing

Waterproof roof coatings, also called weatherproof roof membranes, are thin sheets of poly plastics that are applied to an existing roof. They are popular because they are so tough when it comes to resisting rain, wind, hail, and extreme heat and cold.

During the application process, EPDM is rolled out in strips, much like carpet. Once it has been rolled out, the seams between the rows of roofing are weatherproofed by sealing them with waterproof tape, contact cement, or another powerful adhesive. Once the entire system is in place, the roof has much better protection against the sun’s UV rays, and whatever the weather might throw at it.

Leaky Roof Prevention

epdm roofing on a commercial buildingLeaky roofs are more than just an inconvenience — they can cut into your profits in a major way. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs. Flat roofs have areas where water tends to accumulate, and these little pools of water can eventually seep down through tiny cracks and cause water damage to the underlying layers of roofing. Repairing or replacing the roof is an expensive proposition. Water damageĀ could also be catastrophic to your business’s inventory, paperwork, and valuable electronics.

EPDM roofing is an affordable preventativeĀ measure. Once it is installed, you can rest easy, knowing that your business is safe from unexpected water damage.

Your EPDM Roofing Specialists

Please call us if you’d like to learn more about EPDM in Plano, Frisco, and the surrounding areas. We are always eager to help, and we take pride in the relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients throughout the years. We hope we’ll be your first choice when you need a roofing contractor. Give us a call today, and we will get your weatherproof roofing installed as quickly as possible. 972-471-2700