Low Slope Roofing

a commercial building with a low slope roofRoofs can have high or low slopes. Shingles are usually found on roofs with a steep slope. For flat roofs, there are many low slop roofing systems that work well to protect them from weather damage and temperature fluctuations. If you have low slope roofing in Plano, Frisco, or the North Dallas area, call us today so that we can discuss the various roofing systems that could meet your needs.

Flat roofs present unique challenges. They typically stand up well to weather, but they have a slightly increased tendency to sag in places or grow uneven over time. This creates areas where water will pool, which can lead to extensive damages if left unaddressed. There are a variety of low-slope roofing systems that can combat this problem. Here is a list of the most common systems.

Metal Roofs & More

EPDMEPDM is a type of thermoset roofing that is applied like a membrane that fits over the surface of a flat or low slope roof. It is made water-tight by rolling it out in rows, then sealing the seams with a weatherproof adhesive.

Metal Roofing
– Metal roofs are naturally weather-resistant. The newer materials are low-maintenance, and layers of insulation make them much quieter during rain storms than their predecessors.

PVC – PVC is a thermoplastic membrane. While a warehouse with low slope roofingit is similar to EPDM in form and function, it is naturally fire-resistant, and its seams are heat-sealed.

TPO – This is another type of thermoplastic membrane. TPO is much like PVC, but it requires additives to make it flame-retardant.

Any of these solutions could benefit your commercial building. If you wish to learn more, please give us a call so that we can discuss the option that best fulfills your needs.

Your Low Slope Roofing Contractors

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