Solutions for Standing Water on a Roof

Standing Water

Any Flat Roof Can Have Problems With Standing Water. Call Our Team for Service.

The design of flat roofs encourages the entrapment of water into standing pools. In fact, most flat roofs do not completely drain, and instead rely on the sun to dry standing water. However, if you notice pools deeper than an inch that refuse to drain, then you have a problem. Try these solutions for standing water. If none of them work, call Pearson Roofing, Inc. for impeccable service in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Check Your Gutters

A leading cause of standing water on a roof occurs through clogged gutters. If you have noticed persistent pools, check the gutters for clogs and debris. For comprehensive cleaning of gutters, you should use a power-washer, or call for the services of a talented roofer.

Solar Pumps

AS a temporary option, you can’t beat a solar-powered pump. These devices will remove standing water from your roof. Unfortunately, they cannot impact the root cause of the issue, and provide only a temporary solution.

Check Leaking Fixtures

If you suspect that rainfall does not represent the total problem, then you should check for any leaking roof fixtures. These elements can compound a problem with standing water through their own leaks. Any coolers, AC units, or drain lines should receive the benefit of your review.

For the service of leaking fixtures, or for long-term solutions for standing pools in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, call the experts at Pearson Roofing, Inc. at 972-471-2700. We can provide permanent, elegant solutions for any roofing problem you may have.