Gusting Wind and the Dangers of Roof Damage

windy fieldThe sky darkens and the clouds close in. When a storm is incoming, what goes through your mind? Lashing rain, pounding hail, and blinding snow can certainly create treacherous conditions. But strong winds can be one of the most dangerous elements of a storm and they can happen any time of year. To help you combat the effects of strong winds and prepare your roof to weather storms, we walk through the basics of wind damage here.

It Only Takes One Storm

When wind gusts over a surface, it does not blow evenly. Certain areas of the surface, namely the edges, will experience higher wind pressures as they absorb the initial force of the wind. A roof is exposed to much of the same process: the perimeter of a roof absorbs the initial impact of the wind and these same areas are usually the first to sustain damage.

Wind is able to exact damage once the pressure is strong enough to slightly lift the roofing material. It will then blow in underneath and peel the material away. Having your roof regularly inspected is critical for your roof to withstand whatever the weather may bring.

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