Residential Roofing & Construction Services

Experience & Skill

photo of residential roofing, homeowners, house roofingDo you need a skilled and experienced roofer you can trust? Do you have a set budget you want to stay within? Don’t want to pick between your financial security and the level of quality care to your house roof? Check out our licensed and certified roof contractors at Pearson Roofing! Our affordable residential roofing and construction services range from Dallas to Flower Mound, Plano and beyond!

Whether you need full service roof installation, major damage repair or simply a few shingles replaced, we are prepared to assist you today! After faithfully serving the DFW metro area for over 30 years, our experienced installers know the best installation methods and safety techniques to make your roofing system as durable as possible.

Assisting in modifying or improving residential roofing systems with regular maintenance, superior repairs, and overall professional installations is what our roofing crew excels in! No matter what your existing roof is made of or what you want your new roof to made of, Pearson Roofing contractors can handle the material!

Advantages of Professional Contractors

Benefit from our installer’s professional experience and undeterred dedication today. Due to our licensing, certification and experience, the repairs and installations our roofers perform will not only ensure your roof’s durability during severe weather, but also in keeping the manufacturer’s warranties valid on each roofing component.

  • Installations: We use the right roofing materials to fit the design of your home’s roofing needs. From basic and enhanced protection to raising curb appeal and property value, our roof photo of house roofing, home, residential roofinstallations are among the best in the state!
  • Repairs: Damage can be incurred from the passage of time, or very quickly from severe weather or severe storms. Debris, animals, and natural elements are the largest threats to the health of your roof and if you’ve detected a leak, spotted a missing or punctured shingle, or noticed growing dark spots on your interior ceilings or walls, it is definitely time for a professional roofing repair.
  • Replacement: Needing to replace an entire roof is never fun, but is sometimes necessary for the safety of your family, your pets and yourself. So whether you are in dire need of a new roof or you simply want to upgrade, the experienced roofing contractors at Pearson Roofing can get to work for you today! Depending on your existing roof and the type of material your new roof will be made of, we may even be able to install the new roof over the old – cutting on expenses and time.
  • Maintenance: A routine maintenance plan for annual or bi-annual inspections head off the need for many emergency repairs or the need of an unforeseen, overall re-roofing. General maintenance includes cleaning and inspections every spring and fall, and is known to extend the lifespan of any type of roof.

Wide Range of Construction Services

Claims Coordination

The free claims coordination service that is offered to homeowners by Pearson Roofing employs a high level of professionalism through dealing directly with you and your insurance company. This will ultimately make the claims process that much easier and convenient. This benefit allows your roof restoration project to get underway in a timely manner. The expertise we bring to the bargaining table is beneficial- assuring that nothing is left out and making your property whole after wind and hail damage. We have been doing this for 30+ years in the Plano, Flower Mound, Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex; there is no mistake why we have been the leaders in the wind and hail restoration trade.

For affordable residential roofing and construction services in Dallas, contact Pearson Roofing today! 972-471-2700