FAQs About Roofing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

photo of red roof, roofing faqsOur roofers understand that knowledge is priceless. So if you are a novice to the roofing industry, we’d love to help! Check out a few of the FAQs about roofing services in Plano and the Dallas area that Pearson Roofing contractors have put together to point you in the right direction.

What is Pearson Roofing’s standing with the Better Business Bureau?

As a roofing business with customer care as its primary concern and almost 40 years of experience with it, Pearson Roofing is a fully accredited business in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau.

My Neighbors are Getting a New Roof For Free! How? Why?

If your neighbors have, like you, experienced a recent hail storm where damage occurred, then they called Pearson Roofing! Our roofing insurance team inspected and consulted with their insurance claims adjuster to repair or replace the gutter system, roofing system component, or home siding which needed servicing.

How Do I Know When I Should Call About Storm Damage?

If your home endures a hail storm, it is certainly best to stick with the old saying of, “better safe than sorry.” There are many ways your roof can accrue damage that an untrained eye, especially from the ground, will never catch. It’s best to call in a licensed, experienced roofer to inspect your roof for hail bruises, shingle punctures, and compromised structural integrity to your roofing system. Shingle trauma from a severe hail storm can harm your roof so much as to cut its lifespan in half. And any disrepair left unchecked can easily make any warranty you have on the roof or roofing material rendered null and void. For more FAQs about storm damage, give us a call today!

How Many Estimates Do I need?

photo of residential roofing, roof faqsThe common belief is you should get 3 estimates before you sign a roofing contractor to repair or replace your roof. This is due to the conception that three estimates add up to saving money for either the homeowner or the insurance company. At Pearson Roofing however, we use the same estimating program that the majority of insurance adjusters use, saving on time and money from the beginning.

Shouldn’t Shingles Less Than 5 Years Old Be Able to Withstand Hail Impact?

Regardless of material or age, all shingles are affected negatively by hail impact. Again, make sure you call on a professional to evaluate the state of your roof after a major hail storm, as our experience and training can save you time, money and stress when it comes to determining the severity of the damage.

How Long Do I Have to File My Claim? What If I Miss My Deadline?

The majority of insurance companies allow for up to one year from the incurred damage to be reported. And Pearson Roofing can easily and smoothly work with your insurance company to be sure your claim is carried out quickly and fairly.

What if an Insurance Adjuster Has Already Been Unable to Substantiate Any Damage?

Calling for a re-inspection with a roofing contractor present is well within your right. Pearson Roofing would be honored to represent you and your best interest during an official inspection!

What Happens If I Don’t Do the Repairs But Do Take the Insurance Settlement?

a pretty suburban house, faqsLeaving disrepair un-serviced voids manufacturer warranties. You will also be held liable for any further issues with the repairs or lack thereof, if you accept the settlement amount but did not use as compensation for the repairs. That means the money may seem free today but if you leave your roof leaking unchecked, the later and much higher cost of interior damage, structural damage, and roof failure will end up costing you much more down the line.

Can I Upgrade My Roof?

Yes! This election is frequently made from a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof to a higher grade roofing material.

How Long Do Repairs Take?

The length it takes to complete any repair work varies greatly depending on how quickly your insurance company approves your claim. After large storms, insurance companies can easily get flooded with settling claims and it can take longer than expected to get a response. However, once your claim has been approved and funded, the roofing contractors at Pearson Roofing will begin work immediately. Ultimately, the time spent on repairs is determined by weather conditions, the extent of the work, and the selection and type of replacement materials desired.

Does Pearson Roofing Have a Warranty?

Yes!  At your final inspection, you will receive our labor warranty and those of your materials’ manufacturers.

What is Depreciation?

Depreciation is the amount deducted from the insurance settlement. It is based on the age of the material replaced. The insurance company releases the depreciation value at the completion of the restoration.

Will There Be a Sign in My Yard?

We only place a sign in your yard to help the material delivery during the construction.

How Do I Begin?

To answer more FAQs about roofing services, contact Pearson Roofing in Frisco, Plano, or Dallas,TX! You can also schedule an inspection appointment with an expert roofer with one call. Dial  972-471-2700.