Fast, Top Quality Hail & Storm Damage Repairs

photo of damaged roof, storm damage repairsSince 1979, Pearson Roofing roofers have provided fast, top quality hail and storm damage repairs to the Dallas, TX area. The homes of DFW deserve reliable roofers to service durable roofs, and our experienced roof contractors are proud to fit the bill!

After a large hail or rain storm hits an area it’s important to have a professional roofing technician inspect the state of your roof. Damage is rarely visible from the ground and even if a novice were to safely climb onto the roof – which no experienced professional recommends – they are still likely to miss damaged shingles, roof structure, and roof decking. An inexperienced eye is not the best choice to inspect a roof after a serious storm. That is the time to call in the professionals with almost four decades of experience.

Keeping Your House Safe, Inside & Out

photo of hail, storm damage repairsAt Pearson Roofing, we repair damage quickly throughout Plano and Frisco, TX so that your roofing structure does not gain easily avoidable water damage, mold and rot. The safety and comfort of the inhabitants of your home is an important thing that our roofers take into consideration when beginning any new project. With your safety in mind, and that of your family’s or animals’, we work efficiently, swiftly, and on your schedule.

Our roof damage inspectors can evaluate the condition of your roof and then work with your insurance adjuster to gain approval to your claim and move forward with any necessary repairs or installations the insurance settlement will cover. As your local roofing repair experts, our fast turnaround is unlike anyone else’s in the industry!

Experienced & Prepared To Help

The scope of the damage and the safety of your household is our highest priority at Pearson Roofing. Our roofers provide Dallas, TX with fast, top quality hail and storm damage repairs as quickly as possible. After taking care of DFW homes for over 30 years, our roofing company has endeavored to protect roofs prior to storms and repair damages after storms. From wind-lifted shingles to broken tiles to punctured or unsealed shingles to severe water or hail damage, we repair it all! Contact us today to schedule your free inspection evaluation! 972-471-2700