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Servicing House Exteriors

photo of wood siding, house siding, exterior siding, home sidingThe most popular and successful types of siding are valued for their durability, sustainability and beauty. Because of this, there are a wide selection of types of siding to choose from; brick or stone, traditional or synthetic stucco, wood or fiber-cement siding, vinyl, aluminum and metal. Your home siding contractors at Pearson Roofing have been providing Dallas, TX with siding installation and top quality workmanship for more than 30 years, and we have the references to prove it!

Installers of Vinyl Siding

photo of siding, home sidingOf the many types of siding options available, vinyl has become one of the most popular and successful in exterior home protection. Vinyl, as your choice of exterior cladding, is fairly low maintenance and requires less time and attention to install as well as keep it in good condition year-round. Vinyl siding is also an attractive option because it carries all the appeal of wood siding without even half of the maintenance issues of insect damage, rotting, splitting, re-sealing and warping. In fact, vinyl siding never even needs paint – unless you just want some change!

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, vinyl siding is a plastic resin embossed with a wood-grain or brushed pattern for texture appeal. During manufacturing, an additive is included in the process in order to improve impact resistance as well as withstand ultraviolet damage and its resultant color fading. To ensure that the color of your vinyl siding doesn’t fade, color pigments are also mixed in during manufacturing stages to secure full color depth, making your home siding look good no matter how much time passes!

Your Siding Installation Experts

The siding professionals at Pearson Roofing in Flower Mound can provide any siding-related service you require in Plano, Frisco, or any of our DFW service locations! That means replacing existing siding, installing siding onto a home addition, or completely covering a new house. No matter how large or how small the project, our siding repair contractors will complete yours within a reasonable amount of time at an affordable price. From repairing exterior cladding damage from hail storms to installing entirely new portions of siding, the Pearson Roofing home siding contractors in Dallas, TX provide the top quality siding installation workmanship you deserve! Call today to schedule your free estimate and consultation! 972-471-2700