Re-Roofing Service Technicians

Building Roofs The Right Way

photo of house, reroofing, re-roofing residential systemThe right roofing contractor is fully aware and experienced in the complex regulations of roof construction in your city and your state. In the case of reroofing in Plano, Frisco, or any of our service locations in and near Dallas, TX, the re-roofing service technicians at Pearson Roofing are trained and licensed, to assist you the most as soon as you need it! During the reroofing process, many of the components to your roofing system are enhanced and reinforced to make sure your roof doesn’t fail when you need it most. Moreover, while the cost of reroofing is nothing to sneeze at, reroofing is frequently much less costly than spending the thousands more on future insurance premiums.

It is much too common for homeowners to realize after replacing their roof that their new roof does not meet the qualifications to meet a reduced insurance premium.

When To Consider Re-Roofing

photo re-roofing, residential reroofingOne of the most obvious signs you should be considering a re-roofing project is when you notice a few leaks. Slow leaks are harder to detect as they tend to come from damaged membrane, leading to the full saturation of roof insulation. When roofing insulation becomes inundated with water, it is damaged beyond repair and will need replacing. By the time the roof insulation is soaked, only then will the leak have reached your home’s interior, drawing your attention to it. At this stage, re-roofing is employed to avoid having to replace your entire roofing system but rather repair or replace the compromised components to save your roof structure, deck, or your interior from further water damage.

Should I Wait On Re-Roofing?

Your first impulse may be to put off re-roofing simply because it is not a good time and you believe it may prove to be inconvenient. Reroofing, however, should never be put off. Reroofing projects are administered in order to save the overall value and effective lifespan of your existing roof. Leaving it to tomorrow means incurring much more damage. By putting it off you may be forcing yourself into a financial corner by necessitating a much bigger project of entirely replacing your roof.

That, combined with how highly trained our professional roofers are in carrying out a re-roofing project which works with your daily schedule, makes for a pair of excellent reasons to call today! Don’t put it off and put your home at risk! Schedule your appointment with the re-roofing service technicians at Pearson Roofing in Dallas, TX. 972-471-2700