Residential Metal Roofing Installation Services

The Advantages of a Metal Roof

photo of residential metal roofingAlthough asphalt shingles are still the roofing material used by many, metal roofing, also known as steel coated shingles, has shown a considerable increase in popularity. The reasons for the interest in metal roofing are quite simple; it is safe, strong and cost effective.

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Metal roofing is extremely durable; it is impervious to the ravages of rain, sleet, hail and snow. Strong winds will often lift asphalt shingles which, in turn, cause a leak; this is rarely the case with a metal roof unless the winds are of hurricane standards, and under those circumstances, more than the roof will go.

Reinforced Reliability

Other than slate and tile, metal roofing is the only material that will not burn. The primary difference between slate and metal is the cost, not only of the roof material but the structure. Slate is very heavy and often the roof structure has to be reinforced to cope with the weight. Metal roofing can be purchased which duplicates slate in appearance as well as tile of metal roof, residential, homeowner

Some years ago, metal roofs were relegated to factory roofing and perhaps barns and sheds; this is no longer the case. Metal roofing products are available which easily mimic more expensive materials and are available in a wide variety of colors and surface texture.

The colors of most metal roofing products are not simply painted on, they are applied with an electrostatic coating system, the finish will not fade in the sun nor will it easily corrode. Those who live in Plano, TX or the DFW area know well the damage our constant Texas sun can cause. These finishes have been known to last for many years and are even found in aggressive environments such as refineries and chemical plants.

Greatest Value

Class 4 roofs (impact resistant) and metal roofing may be somewhat more expensive at the time of purchase and installation but the additional cost pays for itself in longevity. Builder grade asphalt shingled roof will usually last about 20 years before it will require repair or replacing, this is not the case with metal roofing; it can easily last 60 years or more. It is easy to see that a metal roofs provides tremendous value.

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