Shingle Roof Repair Experts

photo of shingle roof repair, shingle roofing systemAs one of the most popular residential roofing system options in North America, shingles are an incredibly economical and durable choice. But as shingle roofs are made of a myriad of components which only work in perfect synchronicity as long as every piece is expertly applied and repaired, using the right roofer is a fairly crucial matter. The shingle roof repair experts at Pearson Roofing provide Dallas, TX with excellent service and unmatched customer commitment.

Repairing Damaged Shingles

Many homeowners may begin looking into the care of their shingle roof, mistakenly under the impression that it is a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. But any experienced roofer worth their salt will tell you no novice should alter your roof, the first and foremost layer of protection to your home and photo of shingle roofing repair, shingle repair expertsall of its inhabitants, in any manner. Shingles are set, each individual shingle sealed to your roofing structure. If your home endures high enough winds to lift even one or two of your shingles, they are permanently unsealed and need the careĀ of a trained professional.

Whether you live in Fricso, TX, Plano, TX or the surrounding DFW area, you know your roof takes a beating on a daily basis. Although asphalt, composite, and 3-Tab shingles are designed to with stand long exposure to UV rays, Texans know all too well the damage constant attention from our Texas sun can cause. Our long and harsh summers topped with Tornado Season and our surprisingly colder winters can do a lot to any roof, especially if your roofing system isn’t newly installed. General shingle repairs and maintenance are the best ways to keep your roof in excellent working condition.

The Right Shingle Roofer

Repairing shingle roofs is a simple matter for licensed roofing contractors. The experienced and professional shingle repair technicians at Pearson Roofing understand the danger of even a few unsealed shingles left in disrepair. Water leaks can cause serious harm to your entire roof, causing only a re-roofing project later if you’re lucky, and an entire roof replacement installation if you’re not.

Repairing a few shingles through annual or bi-annual maintenance is a much cheaper and stress-free process in both the short-term as well as the long-term. When it comes to excellent service in Dallas, TX, the shingle roof repair experts at Pearson Roofing offer the customer commitment you deserve. Call today to schedule shingle repairs. 972-471-2700