Roof Installation / Roof Repair Overview

Pearson Roofing is a family owned and operated roofing company operating in the Dallas Ft-Worth area since 1979.

Roofing Process Overview

About Us

  • We ask for no money down until your roof has been completed to your satisfaction.

  • Pearson Roofing has an A+ rating with the BBB, and has established a proven track record with them.

  • We provide the best quality workmanship.

  • We provide a 5-10 year labor warranty (depending on your roofing shingle).

  • We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

  • We obtain required city permits prior to roof installation.

  • We obtain required city permits prior to roof installation.

Why file an insurance claim?

Q: If your roof is NOT leaking why should you call in a claim?

A: Most common roof claims are due to either wind or hail damage. In most cases, the full extent of the damage may not be evident without a professional Inspection.
Once your roof has been damaged by hail, the shingle manufacturer no longer honors the shingle warranty!

Wind Damage:

Wind damage can create the most obvious damage but is also the most difficult claim. Insurance companies look for different factors:

  1. The number of missing shingles.

  2. Wheather or not their are any torn or delaminated shingles.

  3. The age of the roof.

  4. The possibility of repair.

The overall condition of a roofing system combined with seals being compromised, will sometimes warrant a roof replacement. Discontinued shingles sometimes make a repair impossible.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is more definitive. When hail impacts your shingles, two things occur:

  1. Granules are knocked off

  2. The shingles become bruised

Although this may not cause immediate leaks, over time these "hail hits" prematurely deteriorate the shingle and leaks WILL occur.
Leaks can damage insulation, floors, walls, ceilings, personal possesions, and may cause mold which can present a serious health hazard.

Filing a claim:

When your home is damaged by a storm event , it is commonly referred to as an Act of God, Act of Nature, or a Catastrophe Claim. your insurance company CANNOT penalize you in any way for filing your claim.

To initiate a claim, your insurance company has an 800 # to call.

A representative will take the general information and assign an insurance adjuster to visit your property and evaluate your damages. If you have not yet filed a claim, we can professionally assist you in doing so with your insurance company.

The insurance adjuster:

It is important that you CONTACT US when the insurance adjuster calls with an appointment time.

We act as your advocate!

These are non-confrontational meetings and most times we are in agreement with the adjuster but many times, our presence makes the difference between getting a brand new roof or partial repair.

Compensation for your loss

"By law", your insurance company must "treat you fairly" for your loss. To do this, they must establish the Replacement Cost Value (RCV) of your loss. This is determined by the fair market value of skilled labor and materials in your particular area.

To calculate RCV consistently and without bias the insurance industry utilizes. A system called Xactimate to monitor and update these costs all across the nation.

Once your adjuster has determined the value of your loss (RCV) they will "Depreciate" the Replacement Cost Value. The amount/value of depreciation is calculated as a percentage based on age and condition of your roof.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) Policy Holders:

Actual Cash Value (ACV) is determined by the Replacement Cost Vale (RCV) minus the depreciation amount.

ACV policy holders DO NOT receive any depreciation. They have what is called "non-recoverable depreciation policy".
The insured will get ONE check.

RCV Policy Holders:

Once your adjuster submits his findings for your claim, you will be issued the 1st check which is the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your claim, minus your deductible. Usually this check is received within 10 days of the adjuster meeting. Your "depreciation" is "recoverable" and will be paid to you in the form of a 2nd check. RCV is paid out after your insurance company receives a final invoice proving the work has been performed. Pearson Roofing will invoice the insurance company for you.

RCV Example:

Replacement Cost Value (RCV) $8,000

Recoverable depreciation is held back until work is completed* ($3,000)

Pearson Roofing has in house Claims Experts who can contact your insurance company on your behalf. We can provide your insurance company with supporting documentation and estimate the cost of replacement or repair, and supplement your claim.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) $5,000

Deductible ($1,000.00)

Net Claim-1st Check Issued $4,000.00


Occasionally, an adjuster will unintentionally omit items in the scope and it will be discovered while your home is being reroofed.

If this happens, we will complete your roof and supplement the insurance company for the additional work and/or materials. Typically this supplement money arrives with your depreciation check (2nd check).

Most often, these supplement amounts range from $300 - $1,000 but, on occasion, can reach many thousands of dollars. We will collect any approved supplement amounts at the time we pick up your 2nd check.

*** If we send a supplement to your insurance and it is NOT approved, we DO NOT then bill you.

What to know about BIDS

Your insurance company cannot REQUIRE you to get bids. By law, your insurance company must determine your loss and then PAY YOU fairly for it. Insurance companies make this "bid" request to REDUCE THEIR FINANCIAL LIABILITY to you. If you send an estimate to your insurance company for less than the amount of the RCV that they've established, they will REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF YOUR CLAIM and keep the difference by reducing your 2nd check. Bids DO NOT save RCV policy holders money! Basically, you chose your bid when you chose your deductible. Whether your damages are $5,000 or $95,000, the out-of-pocket cost to you is your deductible!


The LEGAL way to reduce the burden of your deductible is by using the ACV insurance money you've received for gutters, drip edge, metal sheds, screens, fences, dented grill, garage doors, paint, etc. Lightly damaged items can remain as-is and will most likely still function perfectly. These items can add up and be used toward covering your deductible cost. At times this amount may exceed your deductible amount.


Total Claim = $7,875

Roof Portion of Claim = $7,155

Other Damages Total = $720

If your depreciacion is 25%, you will retain 75% of the $720 = $540

If your deductible is $750, the out-of-pocket expense for your $7,155 = $210

***It is illegal, for you, the homeowner and for the contractor, to invoice for work that has NOT been completed. If you do not have the work done you lose the depreciation money and the insurance company will not pay for damages to for those items again.

Professional Representation

  • It is in your BEST interest to allow me to represent you at the adjuster meeting

  • If the adjuster has already filed his report, allow me to review and audit your insurance estimate and to deal directly with your insurance company. This allows me to see what type of policy you have (RCV and ACV), whether there have been any errors, and how much, if any, out of pocket expenses you have.


  • Your adjuster will determine the replacement Cost Value of your loss.

  • Your adjuster will determine the depreciation of your the damaged items.

  • The actual cash value of the claim is depreciation minus Depreciation.

  • ACV minus your deductible determines: Your 1st check.

  • Work is completed and we send your insurance company our invoice.

  • When they receive the invoice they then Release the depreciation and (supplement funds if you have any)

Final Comments:

For most people, their home is their most valuable asset and your roof is what ultimately protects that investment (and everything in it). You pay insurance premiums for times like these. Take advantage of this opportunity and have your insurance company buy you a new roof, with absolutely no penalty to you because hail is an "Act of God" claim and you cannot be held responsible for nature.

Pearson Roofing can help you with every step of the process, from calling in your claim, to invoicing the insurance company on your behalf and, most importantly, we will put a QUALITY roof on your home with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Thank you for your consideration, we would really appreciate your business!