Hail Damage Repairs

The area around Carrolton, TX once belonged to the Wichita Native Americans. Numerous tribes such as the Wacos, Taovayas, and Tawakonis comprised the larger Wichita Nation and they found plentiful buffalo and fertile soil in the area excellent for growing corn, pumpkin, squash, and beans. These Native Americans originally migrated to the area from modern-day Kansas and helped establish numerous villages along the rivers in the region such as the Trinity and Brazos Rivers. Their migration in the late 1600’s coincided with the migration of the French and Spanish into the region.

The first European settlers to arrive in the area we now call Carrolton, TX arrived in the 1840’s, purchasing land granted to the Peter’s Colony. Looking to establish a superior quality of life, these rugged pioneers helped establish farmland and raise cattle.Hail Damage can lead to extensive roof repairs.

If you need hail damage roof repair in Carrolton, TX, don’t hesitate to give Pearson Roofing a call at 972-471-2700 . We will be happy to assess your roofing system and determine the best course of action to repair your home’s roofing system as quickly, professionally, and affordably as possible.

Carrolton was an attractive location thanks to the rich, fertile soil in the area. This prompted a large influx of farmers, making farming and cattle raising the largest industries in the area. It is believed that Carrolton was named after Carrolton, Illinois, where many of the original settlers to the area came from. As Carrolton developed, the focus shifted from being an exclusively agricultural community to a community with increasingly significant industrial growth thanks to the establishment of the Dallas-Wichita Railroad in the area.

Servicing Your Home

Below are some of the services we offer to homes in Carrolton, TX, but it is by no means an exhaustive list of the full services we offer. If you need something repaired on your roof or with your roof decking, but it is not listed here, call us at 972-471-2700 .