Roof Repair in Arlington, TX

The Arlington, TX area was home to a large enclave of Native American tribes who established numerous small communities along Village Creek, known today as Caddo Creek. Today, Caddo Creek runs along the western side of Arlington. In 1841, General Edward H. Tarrant led a campaign against the Native Americans who had settled in the region, and ultimately Tarrant would become the namesake of the modern-day Tarrant County.

While the history of inhabitants in the region of Arlington is said to date back to the stone age, the modern identity of the city has evolved over the last 150 years. Beginning as an outpost on the Western frontier, Arlington quickly developed into a center for agriculture. During the heyday of “health water” during the 1920’s, Arlington rose to prominence for its abundant mineral waters. Three colleges have helped establish its identity as a progressive, arts-centered college town, while industrial factories such as the General Motors Assembly Plant have given Arlington, TX industrial significance.Shingle Roof Replacement to Repair Damage

Major League Baseball, the NFL, and large, renowned amusement parks are prominent features within present-day Arlington, although it maintains a component of technological research and development thanks to computer chip manufacturing and research institutes. The name of Arlington was given to the town as a way to honor Robert E. Lee, who hailed from Arlington, Virginia.

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