Hail-Damaged Roofing Repair

Garland, TX began as two separate communities, known as Duck Creek and Embree. Embree was named after the local physician, K.H. Embree, and Duck Creek took its name from the nearby creek which ran through the area. Spurred by the establishment of a Santa Fe Railroad depot nearby, the two towns began to compete with one another and the dispute came to a head over which community would house the local post office. Thomas Nash, then the Judge presiding over Dallas County, asked Joe Abbott, a congressman visiting the area, to move the post office to a location between the two towns. Named after U.S. Attorney General Augustus H. Garland, the area surrounding the post office soon became its own thriving community, and eventually the towns of Embree and Duck Creek combined with this new community to form the modern city of Garland, TX. The town officially incorporated in 1891.

Our dedication to North Texas property owners has remained strong since we first started installing and repairing roofing systems in 1979. We understand that there is never a convenient time for storms to cause damage to your roof, and we know that each year can be more unpredictable than the last. We are skilled in repairing roofing systems that have been damaged from wind-driven rain, hail, strong winds, or debris. We will always work to minimize cost without sacrificing on the quality of our workmanship in any way. If you need hail damage roof repair in Garland, TX or any of our other service locations, give us a call today! 972-471-2700

Servicing Your Home

The services below may help give you a better idea of the full residential roofing services we offer homes all over Garland, TX and the surrounding DFW area:

If you need fast, professional roofing repair in Garland, TX, give Pearson Roofing a call today! 972-471-2700