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If you notice buckling, peeling, cracking or mold on your siding, it’s time for siding repair in Dallas, TX. In the region, extreme heat and moist air alone can be responsible for siding and roof damage. Insects can also play a factor in siding damage.

Do You Need A Siding Repair In Dallas, TX?

Siding works much like a rooftop for a home, except it’s job is to protect the home from the sides rather than from above. Householders save money on energy expenses with a good siding job. They can decrease interior damage with regular maintenance.

Moist wallpaper or peeling paint inside the home is an indicator of siding problems. Rainwater from storms and moisture from Dallas humidity seep through the interior wooden structures of the home. If this happens, call a siding repair specialist for at least an estimate. Damage could have affected other parts of the house.

Siding Repair in Dallas, TX

Protect your home with a good siding repair.

Mold and buckling result from temperatures and moisture levels or improper installation. Vinyl siding, particularly needs room to expand and contract with temperature change. Improper installation restricts siding movement. When Moisture gets trapped due to buckling and trapped moisture, mold will begin to grow around the exterior of the home.

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Landlords should be on the lookout for excess moisture and check for signs of siding failure when they perform maintenance on the home. Always call an expert for siding repair in Dallas, TX. Visit our website or call us today at 972-471-2700 to schedule a repair.