Do I Need Shingle Repair?

We all can’t be experts on roofing and shingles. But when it comes to damage to your roof, there are things that you can keep an eye peeled for.

  • Bare spots: A badly designed valley drainage, poorly placed downspouts, and the absence of an eavestrough  no a second story can cause the waterfall effect. Over time, this can begin to wash away granules and cause bare spots throughout your roofing system. With the lack of granules to protect the shingle, it is vulnerable to sun rays and other weatehr elements and begins to harden. The loss granules can significantly accelerate shingle decay and the over lifespan of the roof.
  • Buckling Shingles: Buckling refers to the visible wave distortions that typically can be found running vertically up a slope. These damaged shingles are more like to be effected by ice and wind and can be town off fairly easily.
  • Damaged Flashings: Flashing that are found around skylights, eaves, stacks,chimneys and etc, are all susceptible to dried out caulking, lifting and/or separation. They can become damaged because of natural contractions and expansions. This causes the fasteners to become loose a thus providing an entryway for water.

So if you’re noticing any of these things happening on your roof, it’s highly recommended that you contact a professional. And what better roofing pro to contact that Pearson Roofing. We’re here to provide the entire a DFW metro area! Don’t hesitate to call us at 972-471-2700 to get an estimate and set up your consultation.