Snow Damage to Your Roof

winter barnIt is undeniable that snow can provide countless hours of enjoyment and outdoor beauty, but too much snow may certainly present a problem. Hazardous roads, fallen trees, and downed power lines are well known consequences of snow, but did you know that snowfall can also damage roofs? Here we discuss the details of snow damage to help you prepare your roof to weather the negative effects of an otherwise pleasant winter phenomenon.

Snow blanketing a roof adds additional weight that the roof must support. Roofs are designed to carry a specific amount of weight and exceeding this limit makes the possibility for damage or collapse much more probable. This is a concern especially for older or poorly maintained roofs, but this type of damage is possible to any structure given the right circumstances.

The runoff water that melting snow produces is also a concern. This water can be trapped by built up ice or debris, causing it to pool up and sit on the roof. Sitting water will invade alternate locations to drain from, which are often weak spots in roof material or around vents and flashings. The best method to combat damage and roof leaks from snow is through professional roofing inspections and maintenance.

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