Types of House Siding

House Siding Comes in Many Forms, Like Stone, Vinyl, Wood, and Metal

House siding not only boosts a home’s curb appeal with its appearance, it covers the bare walls and foundation, providing protection from weather, sun, and animals.

Types of House Siding and Benefits


The most common and affordable type of siding. This type of siding will last up to 40 years, is easy to clean and repair, and can withstand weather and UV rays. Coming in a variety of colors, vinyl can also be applied as horizontal, vertical, scalloped or shingle siding.


Lasting forever, if roofs catch fire, brick foundations are left standing. Because they are so durable, they are the most expensive siding option available, but there are tons of benefits. It never needs to be repainted, withstands all weather, and is fire resistant.


Seen on older and rustic homes, wood is for a specific set of people who like the natural look. It is lightweight and can be painted over, energy efficient and eco-friendly, but gets damaged by insects,fire, and water easily.


Metal siding is good for homes in coastal areas as it won’t rust from salt air. Common metal sidings are aluminum and steel. They won’t rot or mold, have little maintenance, are eco-friendly, and are fire resistant.

Fiber Cement

Mixed with cement, wood, and cement, fiber cement siding is a replica of wood siding but fire resistant and stronger. With fiber cement siding, you’ll have less maintenance than wood siding as insect and moss control isn’t needed.

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