When to Replace Your Gutters

Although most gutters on the market are built to last for many years, they eventually need repair or replacement. Not only can damaged gutters make your home look unsightly, they can lead to water damage and foundation problems. Follow these tips to learn when to replace your gutters.

Rust, Cracks, Holes

replace your guttersA sure sign that it’s time to replace your gutters is rusted or cracked gutters. Depending on what material your gutters are made of, you will see different types of damage. Galvanized steel gutters will rust over time, while vinyl will become brittle and crack. Higher-end gutters such as copper and zinc do not suffer from these types of damage and can last a lifetime!

Sagging or Separation

Many poorly installed or older gutters will begin to sag or pull away from your roof. This is usually a simple repair job of replacing the fasteners. However, if your gutters are attached to a rotting fascia board, the fascia will need to be replaced as well. In other cases, your gutters will separate or begin to leak at the seams and joints. These areas are most susceptible to wear and damage, and can cause serious erosion problems.

Aesthetic Damage

Are your gutters dented up from the last hail storm? Is paint peeling and chipping away? No one wants their house to look like it is in disrepair, and serious aesthetic damage may require gutter replacement. Keeping your gutter clean and free from debris can help them last longer and look better, so don’t forget your seasonal maintenance!

When to replace your gutters may be an aesthetic choice or a preventative one. If you have damaged, leaky gutters that need repair or replacement, call Pearson Roofing today at 972-471-2700. We provide all types of gutter repair and replacement in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area.