Winterizing Your Roof

icicles, winterizing your roofIt’s already October. The days are becoming shorter, the temperatures are beginning to drop, and we’re starting to see the leaves turn colors. These are all signs that winter is right around the corner. And with winter comes frigid temps, ice, and the occasional snowfall. All of which can prove to be detrimental to your roofing system if it has not been properly prepped. The experts at Pearson Roofing is here to provide you with some pointers on winterizing your roof in the DFW area.

  • Clean your gutters. – Clear your gutters of any type of obstructions. A blockage prevents water from correctly draining correctly and can result in water damage to your foundation, landscaping, or siding.
  • Insulate your attic. – Sufficient insulation and ventilation will help stop heat loss through the roof which, in turn, helps to avoid ice dams and icicles.
  • Take a look at your downspouts. – The only way for water from melted snow can drain from your roof is if the downspouts are cleared. This will prevent any type of mold or rust forming within the pipe.
  • Trim low hanging branches. – Tree branches that hang close to your roof can potentially bend under the extra weight of snow and fall on your roof.  The best time to trim them is sometime during late fall.

The point of winterizing your roof in the DFW area is to ensure that it will get through the winter season without being damaged. So if you still have questions on how to get your roof through this winter, safe and sound, don’t hesitate to call Pearson Roofing at 972-471-2700.