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photo of Pearson Roofing company, Dallas, North Texas roofAt Pearson Roofing, we are a trusted North Texas roofing company serving Dallas, TX and beyond. It is with us, your local, licensed roofers where quality comes first. As your locally owned DFW general contractor, we specialize in residential and multi-unit roof restorations and hail storm repair services. We work on projects both large and small and we provide premium commercial roofing services for affordable rates. Talk to us about any commercial roofing installation, repairs or maintenance needs you or your business may have. We can assist you with both steep and low slope roofing applications.

Our roofing contractors are licensed and certified in servicing more than just roofing systems, too! Our repair and installation technicians also repair and replace siding, gutters, and can complete home restoration projects – including an entire re-build if you need it.

The Roofer to Trust

Your Dallas roofing company at Pearson Roofing is your reliable, full-service roofing contractor. Although our physical location is in Flower Mound, TX, we provide good, honest and competent roofing and general construction services for home repairs in Plano, Dallas, and many other DFW locations. We understand that choosing the right installer or repairman is a critical decision which can and will affect the duration of the project, the extent and cost of the project, and the stress that is placed on you throughout its completion. photo of Pearson Roofing, Dallas, North Texas, roofing system repair, restorationIt absolutely makes sense that this decision is then one of the most difficult ones you can make as a homeowner.

At Pearson Roofing, your roofing company in Dallas, TX, we have operated throughout the North Texas region since 1979 and are happy to have won the trust of so many of our neighbors. Homeowners across the DFW area carry an amazing amount of confidence and faith in our roofing company, making many of them recurring customers for maintenance routines and after-storm roofing care. Our commitment to excellence has also led us to an A+ accredited rating with both the Dallas Better Business Bureau as well as the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau. Our consistently high quality workmanship is another booster for our reputation of excellence and the roofing contractors who dedicate their time and energy to improving the products of our roofing company raise our standard of quality year after year.

Our Dallas, TX roofing company at Pearson Roofing has met the home restoration needs of clients for almost 40 years and our customers have always been and will forever remain to be our top priority. Our meticulous nature and attention to detail is what makes us incomparable to any other roofer in the industry and makes us the most effective roofing solution for Texas homes!

Storm Damage Repair & Restoration Services

Our hassle free services at Pearson Roofing, as your local roofing company in Dallas, Texas, are available 24/7! Leaky roofs have a nasty way of sneaking up on homeowners across the DFW metroplex and we understand the emergencies which can arise from those leaks. Because the
photo of roofer, residential roofing system, repairman, repair techdamage a storm can cause never runs on a convenient schedule, we offer 24/7 emergency service to provide fast repair and restoration storm damaged roofing services for each and every client across the region.

From re-roofing services to roof repairs, we are your full-service roofing contractors and you can call us at any time to discuss the needs of your home. Our qualified contractors will inspect your roof and other exterior components to determine whether repairs are realistic or whether you may require your roofing system to be entirely replaced. We will then provide you a free estimate with no obligation attached. That way you can evaluate the best decision concerning you, your home and your budget. The materials we at Pearson Roofing work with are only the best products with the highest quality materials so that you will always be able to trust that your roof will be able to sustain and keep away the dangerous natural elements from invading your home.


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Full Roof and Construction Services

Quality Services with Affordable Prices

Home restoration projects performed by your local Dallas roofing company at Pearson Roofing can easily become complicated when your head contractor is inexperienced and unprepared for the reality of costs in both labor and materials in practice. Our residential roofers maintain a policy of transparency in what we charge, from the first estimate to the final bill. We never bring in hidden costs to surprise our clients. Restoration projects are stressful enough without those little surprises. Knowing what to expect with each and every project makes the completion of those projects both more efficient and a smoother process as well as helps the client stay informed from start to finish.

The following services we provide are just a few of our specialties:


Locations We Serve

As your roofing company in Dallas, TX, Pearson Roofing employs professional DFW-experienced general contractors who understand the needs of our customers. We know the business within our industry and we know the roofing needs of homes that have to stand up against temperamental Texas weather. We will provide the services you require in a timely and efficient manner every time! The following list is comprised of a few of the major cities we happily service, though certainly not all of them:

Roofing Products

Roofing Products We Endorse

Our professional roof installation and repair crews that will get the job done properly the first time and quickly so that you can become comfortable in your own home once more. Feeling secure in the fact that your construction or roofing job was done the right way the first time is the reason why we carry a rate of 100% satisfaction among our clients.

The following products are a few of our favorites, decided from experience over time, as well as the dependability of each product’s manufacturer:

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