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Pearson Roofing Customer Testimonial

Our customer, Jean-Marc, gave great praise to one of our project managers, Alfredo, and Pearson Roofing with a great and enjoyable experience. After receiving unfortunate hail damage, Jean-Marc did quite a bit of research on different roofers and ultimately decided on Pearson. Project Manager, Alfredo, came out to Jean-Marc’s house and the journey began. From the beginning, Alfredo really tried to understand what Jean-Marc was wanting and discussed roof color, gutter colors, and more to better emphasize the color of his house. Pearson Roofing also helped resolve the flooding issues that occurred from previous hail damage. The price was fair, the quality was great, and the project was on time. Alfredo really worked with Jean-Marc through every step of the process. Everything from the quality of the product to the on-time delivery was a success. The crew, especially Alfredo, went above and beyond to complete the project and finish the job and the end result shows the care and quality of their work. Visit for more information or call us at 972-471-2700.

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