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Spotlight on Pearson Roofing's Very Own Jason Thompson!

Guess who we spotted at the LEAYSA Football kickoff this past weekend? None other than our stellar project manager, Jason Thompson, trading in his roofing hat for a coach's whistle!

For those who don't know, Jason has been with Pearson Roofing for years, expertly overseeing projects and ensuring everything's in tip-top shape. But did you know he's also making a difference on the football field?

Coaching a dedicated little league team, he's showing these young champs the value of teamwork, perseverance, and passion - values we've seen in action during his time at Pearson Roofing. We're not only proud to have him on our team but also thrilled to see him shaping the future leaders on and off the field.

Give it up for Jason! And to all the players and coaches at LEAYSA Football, here's to a season of unforgettable moments and touchdowns!


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