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The Benefits of Copper Roofing and Accents

If you’ve ever seen a copper roof or copper accents on a home or commercial building, you’ve seen firsthand how stunningly it can complement any building. Copper can be used for roofing, gutters, chimney caps, cupolas, dormers, and more! Even as copper ages, it maintains it’s beauty by forming a unique patina and develops hues of greens and blues giving a rustic impression. Although copper is a lightweight material, it is durable and can withstand Texas’ stifling summers or frigid winters. Adding copper to your roof or home’s exterior can not only increase it’s beauty, but also it’s value and durability. Copper is fire-resistant and is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial, which will keep it free from algae or fungal growth.

2 years ago

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