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What if you were Hit by Hail Tomorrow?

What if You Were Hit By Hail Tomorrow?

With hail season approaching, knowing what to do if your roof is damaged by hail is important to ensure that you get the repairs done quickly and correctly. When hail hits your area, it can leave behind major damage to your property, including your roof. Below, I’ll provide an overview of the steps you should take if you suspect your property has been damaged by a hail.

1. Assess the Damage

The first step in dealing with hail damage is to conduct a visual assessment of your property from the ground. You should look for any signs of damage by checking your windows for cracks or other signs of damage to the beading. Also, look on the ground for broken tree limbs and branches which are a good indication that there may have been damaging hail. Checking your gutters and downspouts, or other soft metals for dents can also help you determine if hail has caused damage. If you are unsure about what kind of damage has occurred, it is best to call a professional roofer, such as Pearson Roofing for an inspection.

2. Do Your Research!

Regardless of which Roofing professional you choose; we highly recommend researching companies in your area. There are hundreds of “fly by night” companies that will rush into town immediately after a hail storm to gain business, and will be gone once the work is complete, which makes it impossible for a warranty to be honored. Be sure and check for their online reputation, BBB accreditation, and locality. If a company is truly local and reputable, all of these should be clearly visible online. Reading Google reviews is also a great way to gauge previous customer’s experiences with a company.

3. Call a Professional (May We Suggest Pearson Roofing?)

Once you’ve done your research, and have decided to call a roofing professional, they can determine if you roof has sustained damages that will require initiating an insurance claim.

4. Call Your Insurance Company and File a Claim

A Pearson Roofing representative can be onsite when your insurance adjuster arrives to inspect your property for damages. This can help to expedite the process, as all parties can document all evident damages ensuring the contractor and insurance company are on the same page. Once the adjuster provides a scope of estimated damages and cost, and all parties are in agreement, the work can be scheduled quickly. Many times, there can be discrepancies in the damages and costs, at which point, it’s beneficial to have a contractor like Pearson Roofing to navigate the claim process. We have decades of experience in the property claims process and will guide you every step of the way.


Dealing with roof damage caused by hail can be stressful but following these steps can help ensure that the repairs are done correctly and quickly. Pearson Roofing’s representatives are true professionals that are highly trained, and can make the entire process as seamless as possible.

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